Services offered by GDH Microbiology

LATEST – Youth Development in Problem Solving and Creative Thinking through Collaboration between Natural Sciences and Art & Crafts (BIO-ART / ART-SCI) – See Cre-Activity Science & Art Workshops tab.

Educating Consumers and Food Handlers in Hygiene and Food Safety awareness as participants in the “farm to fork” journey – See Microbiology & Hygiene Workshops tab.

Microbiological oversight and hands-on involvement – food packing systems and line commissioning from initial trials through to commercial production, particularly in Aseptic, Ultra-Clean, and Hot-Fill Technologies.

Spoilage and packing problem investigations – diagnosis to solution suggestions, in all product types, and types of packaging (metal cans, glass, flexible, plastic and cartons etc.).

Evaluation of packaging integrity for functionality and product food safety (in all packaging types).

Auditing, gap analysis and compliance support – to any part of the food chain (handling from farm to fork) including producers, suppliers, manufacturers, quality control chain, laboratory analyses and procedures, storage, distribution and retail.

Training in applied and practical microbiology for laboratories from Basic to Tailor Made requirements including how to instill and maintain Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Aseptic Technique.

Microbiological Risk Assessments and cost-effective Environmental Monitoring Programmes – guidance.

Cost reduction guidance through waste reduction, inefficient practices, faulty procedures, reducing unnecessary tests through targeted interventions and continuous improvement.