Cre-Activity Science & Art Workshops

Sciences and Arts should be based on a foundation of exploration, experimentation and discovery on which to build knowledge, experience, skill and technique.

Who will benefit? Aimed at youngsters still at school, these Workshops have a Science focus to inspire a love for science but also to break down the barriers caused by subjects in silos e.g. “Sciences” and “Art”.

Worldwide trends? Momentum is gathering to combine the Sciences with the Arts to develop Problem-solving, Creativity and Innovation. Biology faculties in educational institutions and societies are promoting BioArt and SciArt for all ages and knowledge levels.

Workshop details? 2 to 3-hour Workshops for different age groups centre around a Natural Science theme:

Theoretical Science Topic Presentation – short to provide context.

Practical Exploratory Activities – field and/or microscopy.

Creative Exploratory/Experimental Art and/or Craft Activities – freedom of expression.

Cost-effective per person in George and surrounds (50km Radius)

Further afield – Request a tailor-made quote.

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