Gallery Photos of some of our Workshops

Hygiene Workshops March & April 2023 – Hygiene Training in a Food Manufacturing Factory

Practical Group Work
Attendee at a Food Manufacturing Factory
Factory Workshop Attendee

Cre-Activity Workshop October 2023 – Combining Natural Science with Art. Inspiring young minds.

Looking down microscopes is always exciting
Art inspired by Science

Microbiology & Hygiene Workshops September and October 2023 – Hygiene in Handling Food for the Public

Microscopy opens up a whole new world
Testing and Feedback before Certificates of Attendance

Microbiology Bacteriology Basics and Applications for an Agri-research Soultions Company April 2024

Explaining making slides for viewing inder the micoscope
Slides in progress of bacteria from agar plates
Gram staining of slides

Lancewood World Food Safety Event 7th June 2024 – GDH Microbiology was invited to participate